The bars are just a cheap thrill.
The soul is in the message.
Wasted Talent

According to the Interweb, this is one of my more listened-to songs. I didn’t expect much from the video since it was just Sproxx and I testing out a camera that he recently purchased. There’s no hook. There’s not even any real concept behind it although it was originally written for a James Brown Dedication mixtape (and neither Sproxx or I can find the original sample used). The title comes from the ‘ah-shucks’ line near the beginning but more from an episode of ‘Family Guy’ where Peter needs to drink to play the piano. Mostly, the bars were a collection of random thoughts at the time so I touch on everything from radio programmers being clueless to my lack of focus to the legalization of marijuana to an unneeded Never-Ending Story reference.

Big Sproxx, Campos, Quackas
“Before the fan base I bring triple/And jaws drop and hands raise like King Hippo”
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out is the greatest video game of all time.


I can’t leave yet, it’s like I’ve seen the world,
But it hasn’t seen me yet. Dreams on Reset.
Lately I put out the rare joint for the respect,
Cuz radio wouldn’t see the point on a V-Neck,
Plus I got a dozen hoes to boink when I’m erect,
And I don’t get soft much, so me and rap lost touch.
Fans all upset like, damn, Adam Bomb’s such,
A big waste of talent, and now I’m like ‘Ah Shucks’.
Back to the lab then; back to the pads and pens,
Nobody wants to be friends with a has-been.
I used to spend long weekends at the cabin,
Now what I spend all depends where I’m landing.
That’s Yens in Japan and Pesos in Cabos,
Euros come in plural like there ain’t no tomorrow.
But I roll with some loonies in a place called Toronto,
Fuck around and get laced in the face with a bottle.
Like, here, have a drink; it’s clear that I think,
You can solve more problems with a beer than a shrink.
So if I ever act weird or appear at the brink,
I’m on the way to save 10 grand a year at the sink.
Like, - ugh.. Guess I’m sicker than most,
Sick of a system getting rich off of ignorant folks.
Who won’t legalize weed cuz addiction provokes, death and crime,
Yet it’s fine to sell liquor and smokes, this shit is jokes.
Unless you’re into serving their need,
I suggest you second guess every word that you read.
They ain’t concerned if you bleed, they ain’t concerned if you breathe,
Their whole concern’s trying to feed their own personal greed and they succeed.
What you see, ain’t what you get,
Government is no different than a label exec.
That’s why I stay independent and get paid independent,
Cuz if I’m broke, ain’t nobody walking away with a cheque.
So yo – before the fan base I bring triples,
And jaws drop and hands raise like King Hippo’s.
Better say something now before my name spreads around more,
Hate will come later, love is straight from the ground floor.
Funny when it’s sunny, just wait for the clouds your,
Fair-weather friends won’t stay for the downpour.
They don’t care about court dates out of town or,
If you get hounded by the jakes like an outlaw.
They just see the fortune and fame and the crowd roar,
They just see the whores given brain til their mouth’s sore.
They just green and want change like Al Gore,
They’ll be out the door the first day someone shouts ‘war’.
As soon as the kid’s fucked like child porn,
You won’t see your dog pick you up like falcor.
We can be pals, sure. But Trust is something stupid,
That’s why I trust music cuz nothing else sounds pure.

Runnin' Scared

From 2006 to 2009, I may have written the most amount of straight-spitting, generic and interchangeable verses in North America. I knew I had to show that I could do more than a regular hot 16 so I went to look for a beat that would inspire something different. I found this gem by Mac and got to work. The people that the story is based on exist but the plots aren’t identical so no one really went to Michigan and I have yet to meet twins whose birthday is December 31st. I had the privilege of being raised by both a mother and a father but I worked for a decade at Rec-Centers in poor and wealthy neighbourhoods and witnessed the some of the hardships handed to children and single parents. This song is a dedication to them and an appeal to the next generation of soon to be moms & dads.

Mac Millz, SoundSmith, Soze
“No one thought twice of the price some emotions cost”
It embodies the concept of this record and could’ve been the title if it wasn’t so long.


She was from the suburbs but they met on Bay
They had the same Jordan’s the red on Grey
But she was there to shop cuz the city excites her
And he was there to chop her or fifty just like her
Skip along a few calls and a date
March Break, her parents leave to Montreal and it’s great
Cuz now they got the house all to themselves for the week
And she’s so in love she’s hearing wedding bells in her sleep
So it didn’t take long before the lights and the clothes went off
Twice with the Trojan on, Twice with the Trojan off
They was going off, piping and dozing off
No one thought twice of the price some emotions cost
And that’s where the danger begins
She went to tell him the news and he went straight for his Tims
Put ‘em on, walked out, she’s been chasing him since
For New Years, he went out, she went in labour with twins
And that’s the way that it ends, another kid with a kid
Looking back, I’m sure they never would have did what they did
But they did it and it’s done and now she does it alone
And he knows why he wasn’t at home,
That boy running scared.

That boy running scared.

They say, Love is a habit, Sex is a game
Guys get the pleasure, Girls get the pain
He’ll say ‘I love You’, she’ll believe his word
But when her tummy swells, he’ll say ‘to hell with her’.
It’s ten minutes of pleasure, nine months of pain
Three days in hospital, a child with no name.
Baby’s now a bastard, Mommy’s now a whore
But Daddy’s no different than before,
A boy running scared.

He walk around like he the man, but
That boy running scared.


He was the league MVP but he could’ve been ‘Crook of the Year’.
He had her head over heels, she had the hook-up on gear
She loved him, he loved hookers and beer
And how he looked and appeared was the fear that nearly took his career
He never gave a crap all the crap he got she got him
Cuz she thought they made a match, she made him match from top to bottom
He was having second thoughts, she thought they had a lot in common
He said he’d been cheating on her, she said ‘that was not a problem’.
- See, that was not the problem
The problem was they made up and that’s what popped the condom
It had to drop it on him, he was ‘bout to get lucky
Earned a meeting next season with a scout from Kentucky
Mr. Soon-to-be-Daddy, was assumably happy
She bought him new jewelry and a bluish-green Navy
So in June when she asked if he’d take her to the Doc,
Without thinking, they was in the Lincoln, racing to the spot
He was pacing in the waiting room, afraid to sit and watch
When the Doctor came to say ‘Congratulations, you’re a Pops”
Locked in a state of shock til he realized the date,
That evening was his meeting, and she denied his fate.
So he was, itching to blow, always pissed and it showed
She got sick of him calling her a bitch and a ho.
He got sick of all her bitching and so
She became a single parent, he became a State of Michigan Pro
Hey, that’s just how it go, another kid with a kid
Looking back I’m sure they never could have did what they did
But they did it and it’s done and now she does it alone
And she knows why he wasn’t at home,
That boy running scared.

That boy running scared.




The upside to having a great beat is how easy it is to write to. The tough part is making sure you do that beat justice. Every Rich Kidd beat is incredible and yet this is still one of my favourite so I was hoping my idea for it would work. The first verse was originally written to “Last Hope” by Drake & Kardi (another Richie banger) but as we were putting together the NBS project, I heard this beat and knew I wanted to add a second half to the story. The plot is somewhat based on a few people and the situations they’ve been through but the main thought behind it was to explain the highs & lows and some of the decisions we make based on those we love in an easy-to-follow story. The chorus by Rich and the bridge blended with Tona were written on the spot but captured the message that I was aiming for perfectly. “Runnin’ Scared”, a story record that I had previously written, never got a video so for “Tie Breaker” to get one meant a lot to me and it turned out amazing.

Rich Kidd, Tona, Bryan Espiritu, Addy, Bobby, Unknown Collective, Jelly Too Fly
“She’s like, ‘Nah, I’m the right height, if anything the net’s too tall”
It shows the determination of laughing off a set-back instead of feeling defeated.


She's the last of a dying breed,
First girl on the court, last one to try and leave.
Wake up and run like she's training for the title,
Go to bed dreaming about playing in the finals.
Painting of her idol on her bedroom wall,
Got her thinking about her nephew Paul, his health problems,
The scholarship to College she could get through Ball,
But Coach says she's just too small, She's like "Nah,
I'm the right height, if anything, the net's too tall,
And I be slouching when I'm next to y'all" - She's such a joker,
Known for her 3-point shooting percentage,
So for the playoffs, they had a few recruits in attendance.
And they were loving her, the whole game, the D couldn't cover her,
3 Seconds left in O.T and it was up to her.
She put a shot in the air with a prayer,
Saying 'this one right here is for my nephew', yeah - The Tie Breaker.

You Get the Dub, or Take the L,
You succeed or you fail.
You concede or you prevail,
Where we are is a mix of heaven and hell - Tie Breaker.

Young Sean, local idiot and wannabe thug,
Thought he had this new pretty chick falling in love,
She was out of his league, just out for a fling,
Ran into her ex man fresh out of the bing,
Arms tatted up, mad as fuck, something was said,
All I seen was Young Sean getting punched in his head.
If he was smart, he would've took his little thumping and fled,
Instead he went home and got a gun from under his bed.
Came back to the block with his hand on a glock,
And a plot for revenge against the man that he fought.
First shot strayed left and so did the next,
Innocent bystander caught a hole in his chest.
9-Year Old boy died with his blood on the wall,
Left behind a crying mother who had nothing at all.
A Step-Dad cuz his real father wasn't involved,
And an Auntie that nobody want to cover in ball - The Tie Breaker

(Chorus repeated)

Ayo there must be a reason why it never ends even,
The bills come faster than the cheques when you need them.
The daylight always lasts less than the evening,
The game is sudden death for the rest of the season.
The Tie Breaker.

Let Me Down Easy

I’ve never been great at relationships. It’s always an unbalance of one person liking the other one more. For the most part, I have been less into her than the other way around but in my years of dating, I have had the misfortune of being on that opposite side. It sucks. You try too hard. Everything is a misunderstanding. Nothing works out as planned and then it ends and you become bitter and untrusting for the next lucky contestant. I was working with Mosaic Music at the time and we had weekly sessions booked for Wednesdays. It was Tuesday. I was at the Queensway theatre and I had nothing prepared for the following night but I had this beat by Phat Tony. I started writing ‘Let Me Down Easy’ in my head while walking through the parking lot, through buying snacks, through finding a seat, through the opening credits and was done before the movie started because I obviously have issues. The song wasn’t about the girl that I was sitting next to but about one that I wished was there. This is all coming off very Dear Diary-like and for that reason, I’m just going let the record speak for itself.. oh and we were supposed to put heavy drums behind the loop but I’m really glad we left it as is.

Phat Tony aka Big Tweeze, All the girls I’ve been a dick to, Karma for never failing.
“Best way to hide two horns is with a halo”
Is anyone REALLY who they seem to be?


Girl, you’re so breath-Taking, Heart-Stopping. Neck-Breaking, Jaw-Dropping. You’re so – mmm. So why’d you have to do me so greasy? When all you had to do was come see me, if you was gonna leave me.

(Let me down easy)
I don’t ask much girl all you gotta do is
(Let me down easy)
Cuz I will never trust another girl after you did that bullshit, that you did.

And then they wonder why we’re unfaithful,
The more you treat ‘em great, the more that they ungrateful.
The more you play it safe, the more it stays unstable,
The one way to save you heartbreak is just say no.
Cuz they know, they want a rainbow, without the rain so,
The best way to hide two horns is with a halo.
Til one day your payroll becomes they dough,
And all you left with is a taste of how the game goes – it’s painful.


Ay – yo, crazy little cunt tried to play me for a punk,
I should’ve never trusted that lady from the jump.
Save me all your junk about karma and lies,
I did dirt, you did dirt, we was partners in crimes except I was
Upfront and you’re a fraud in disguise,
It’s no surprise you don’t believe in even honest goodbyes
Besides, I ain’t trying to be no husband,
But why’d you have to leave so sudden, woman you’re so -


And then they wonder why we don’t spoil ‘em,
The more a man try, the more that they don’t want ‘em.
The more a man hide, the more tighter their hold on ‘em,
These hoes fall in love with the guy that don’t call ‘em.
It’s all a big waste of time in the long run,
A wife is demanding, want a life-long companion? Buy a dog, son.
Before you the next one out here whining about what a broad’s done,
Odds are on the side that you’re winding up with the wrong one.


Legend could never be the whipped type cuz to me that shit’s like,
You only get left trying to treat a chick right.
9 times out of 10, I’d either cheat or pick fights,
Cuz she might be Cinderella but she’ll leave at midnight.
And despite knowing better, you got all of my heart,
Total set-up for it falling apart on my part
And I’m smart now so it’ll never happen again,
But you got the last laugh in the end. Damn, you’re so -




I don’t know what it is but there’s something special about this. It always stood out when compared to my other work; original records and/or freestyles. I’ve done longer verses, more personal ones, less personal ones, more intricate, more ignorant, more thought-out ones and yet this drop finds its way back to me even after 10 years. If I had to guess, it would just be how much fun I was having at the time it was written and recorded. I was surrounded by a huge group of talented guys and the first installment of the SARS mixtape series went over well so this was my chance to make my mark on the second. I heard that Freeway joint every Thursday at System Soundbar and between the production and the way he held it, I knew that was the beat I needed. When I finished recording it, it was the first time I felt like maybe this is what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s also the first solo release I was ever on.

Empire, DJ John J, Arythmetic, Chubbs, Mindbender
“My Empire bet all contenders/Team’s so deep, I ain’t met all the members”
I still have no clue what the total count was and I was introduced to two more additions that week.


Who in the hell told you if I can do this, you can do this as well?
Dude, this is music, I don’t do this to sell.
I do this to tell you amateurs not to,
I would ruin what your managers got you, but you do it yourselves.
Want a fucking knuckle-sandwich? I’ll spot you,
Want a full-body cast? I’m the man you should talk to.
Any other extra damage will cost you, if you need,
I’ll come back and beat the bandages off you, I’m used to the yells.
I used to cop toques and Gazelles,
Rock it in the past like Houston’s Cassell.
Early use and abuse of the juice and the Ls had me boosting at 12,
Shit vanished like a janitor’s washroom.
Me and Scandalis is Canada’s top 2,
The fam is just bananas, your flop crew’s just some fruits on a shelf.
I let loose and the truth is it helps,
Don’t let my troops in the booth if it melts or wear flammable costumes.
It’s hot now listen up,
Put my motherfucking wrists in cuffs, you can’t lock us down.
The lost and found is missing us,
Bitch motherfuckers bit the dust, the Dot’s the town.
The home of hustlers known to clutch the chrome,
Come get your dome blown to clusters.
Organ and bone adjusters, stoned enough to,
Have your corpse thrown in foam and flown to Russia.
Foes don’t roam alone, I’ll bust your nugget,
Then put it on a Mic like I’m Buster Douglas.
What the fuck is the reason to worry?
Beef is just a dead man walking like Weekend at Bernie’s.
Don’t leave on a journey you might not ever come back from,
Thugs get your life stopped dead in its tracks, son.
Blood left your White Socks Red when the bat swung,
Legend of rap run in and fed you a smack –umm.
I think I’m getting sicker with age,
So when I’m 30, I’ll be dirtier than strippers with AIDS.
Live for the stage, die for the cause,
Rhyme for the squads lifting the gauge cuz nowadays who abides by the laws?


Not I, Not him. We got by off sin,
So I advise you not drive if your ride’s got rims.
Got 5 options, and 4 of them is duck,
You’re only touring to your truck and your sidewalk’s thin.
Sure the prize got your eyes locked in,
But the nines cockin’ will turn you guys into Cyclops twins.
Burning dimes gets my mind off gin,
But while I’m high, want to ride inside a pine box? Fine, hop in.
It’s no surprise I’ll get signed off spins,
Someone tell these fools drooling on my dick when they climb off, swim.
There’s no room for you on, pop ‘shrooms from the lawn, my crew do it
-eventhough what we do is wrong-
My empire bet all contenders,
Team so deep, I ain’t met all the members.
Send y’all to vendors for product to cop,
It’s hotter than hot, buyers are gonna sweat all December.
Dead all pretenders, fakes get their cards drawn,
Faced with a case had the jakes with a hard-on.
Made some mistakes but it’s safe cuz my heart’s gone,
Space been replaced by some grapes and a car bomb.
Wait til the SARS on volume 50,
I’ll do 800 bars, send the call to Ripley’s.
And if y’all are with me, I’ll spit as long as the verse takes,
If not, you couldn’t fuck with Bomb in the first place.

Canada Sucks

It’s not what you think. The title of this song should have been “Canada has tons of musical talent but the urban music industry in this country is a joke, always has been a joke and always will be a joke” but Canada Sucks seemed catchier. I love my country. I’m proud to be Canadian. I feel honoured to be involved in a culture amongst so many talented acts. The thing that is (still) lacking here is a system that supports those artists instead of forcing them to head south of the border to pursue their craft. The first verse was delivered in an angry tone to display the frustration we feel at some point in our attempted careers. The second verse mentions a few emcees. I’m a huge fan of some of them and wanted to say ‘hey, these guys are great. Why isn’t their greatness being compensated? Because if they aren’t succeeding, I know I won’t’. Others were included because they make terrible music and I wanted to encourage them to quit. Probably wasn’t a great idea to put them all in the same verse. It’s a bit confusing. The third verse was never recorded. Just written and waiting for that special somebody.. Also, this song was made in 2008 when a big complaint was Canada not having a global rap star since Maestro. A few years later that all changed so you can thank him for why this song is never performed ahaha.

Drake, Seth MacFarlane.
“Where the city goes ‘drop a next tune/So we can watch the video dropping next June’”
In a country so dependent on the grant system, it’s rare to see a rap song and its video released in the same season.


Apparently there ain’t a place you can find,
That can sincerely guarantee a bigger waste of your time.
Home of the lost and the disappointed teams,
Who would’ve been better off just avoiding dreams.
Where no one tries cuz no one buys,
And no one signs no one so no one rise.
Where no one guy stands out in no one’s eyes,
It’s no wonder no one shines, - (Canada Sucks)
Where the city goes ‘drop a next tune,
So we can watch the video dropping next June’.
Where rock’s your best move to rake cash in,
Where rappers pay has-beens, collabin’ with Das Efx soon.
We’re doomed. And everyone’s planning to bust,
But when our only icon was a man in a tux.
Where the fuck’s all the Lams and the Phantoms and Trucks?
All I see is one fan and some sluts, man, Canada Sucks.

They say ‘Legend, get your business right.’,
I know Juno nominees getting evicted from their cribs tonight.
And I don’t mind to rock an old plain white Tee,
But why the fuck is Sauks on the GO Train like me?
And how come K-Os couldn’t roll in the jam?
And had to ask the bouncer ‘do you know who I am?’
When Belly sells like Ron Artest, only fewer,
Yogi Stewart ain’t the biggest waste of dough on a man.
Damn, Dane-o’s a wrestler now?
I guess the Pizza Pocket cheques gotta stretch somehow.
Cuz Frankie Anno own a gym, and Thrust teach class,
But Crumple’s still unemployed, plus he’s trash.
So how’s he gonna possibly stack his bread?
If we’re all struggling, then that kid’s dead.
We got skills, we just gotta get rappers fed,
So I’m the last one that laughed and said – ‘Canada Sucks’.

Now let me tell you about some rappers that I actually know,
Hate my guts but want to give dap to me though,
This little industry puppet named _______.

Lyrics to verses and songs will be updated regularly.
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